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The environment nowadays is full of dangerous microbes, viruses, and pathogens that can make you seriously ill. What’s even dangerous is that they can spread from surfaces and make you seriously ill without being visible to you. Be it influenza or the newest COVID-19; the invisible enemy is everywhere waiting to infect you as soon as you come in contact with it.

With the growing dangers of infectious and contagious diseases and with the recommendation from the government to keep everything sanitized, the need for sanitizing cleaning services in Queensland has gone up by a considerable extent. This demand is of enormous length, especially in the places where people infected from harmful diseases frequently visit like hospitals, clinics, and even homes of people suffering from the diseases.

We at 247FS are here to put in all our determined efforts to help you sanitize your place and make it a safe place for you and your customers. With us, by your side, you don’t need to worry about any microbial or viral infection whatsoever. We have a cleaning team which takes into consideration ultimately the safety of theirs as well as the area to be sanitized. They are covered from head to toe in PPE kits.

We meticulously clean and sanitize every surface from glass window panes, door handles, desks, counters, floors, and even the waiting room chairs to make your place a safe and infection-free zone. Want to know more about our sanitizing cleaning services in Queensland ? Read on further to find out more about what we do.

Sanitizing Process of 247FS
  • To get your house or office or location sanitized, you will need to inform us one day before.
  • As soon as our team of expert workers reaches the site, they take a glance at the complete area and categorize them under different levels.
  • They firstly start disinfecting the area where they assume that it is profoundly touched. Once it is done, they start disinfecting the rest of the area using the technique of fogging so that the sanitizer reaches to every corner of the location from top to the floor.
  • The appointment taken by the customers can be used for the next day also in case of an emergency.
  • We provide quick response to those areas where there is an emergency outbreak and sanitization needs to be done as quickly as possible.

For the purpose of sanitizing, we use only those disinfectant products which are highly recommended by the Department of Health, Australia.

Who Can Use Our Sanitizing Service?

Growing and spreading of these harmful bacteria and viruses have called up an emergency for getting the areas sanitized. Here’s the list where we offer or sanitizing services.

  • Our first priority is the commercial locations which include schools, colleges, fireplaces, health care locations, warehouses, food-related businesses, and childcare centres because these areas require more protection from the harmful viruses. The health of children easily gets affected by these microbes; therefore, proper care needs to be taken to keep them protected.
  • All the residential locations, these areas are densely populated, which increases the risk of spread as these viruses are communicable.
  • We also cover the locations where there is an emergency outbreak, and as a remedy, the area needs to get adequately sanitised so that there is no risk left.
  • We also serve in places like banks and hospitals. People from various different locations come in such places which increases the risk of getting infected.
Why 247FS?
  • In entire Queensland, our organization is the best option to choose for getting your area sanitized as we only use those products which have been recommended by the Department of Health, Australia.
  • The disinfectant used by us kills 100% of all kinds of viruses and bacteria present in the atmosphere. Some areas require hard sanitization so that the sanitizer reaches to the porous and nonporous areas.
  • Our disinfectants are completely eco friendly because of its non-toxic nature. In the process of sanitizing, we only use those disinfectants which are rated as nontoxic and non-irritant by the Health Department of Australia.
  • We offer responses that are fully infection-free. Our organization also takes complete care of our employees so that their health does not get affected by these bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens.
  • We even have contracts in those services which are listed for a particular time period. Customers can accordingly pick any contract based on their liking.

Washing hands on a regular basis remove the viruses and bacteria so that you don’t intake them in the same way by sanitizing you will be able to keep yourself completely away from these harmful and dangerous microbes.

Sanitizing your surroundings is the best way to keep infectious diseases away. With our dedicated sanitization cleaning services, you don’t need to be at the risk of any infection. From hospitals and healthcare institutions to homes and stores, we give the best sanitizing cleaning services in Queensland, which you won’t find elsewhere. We are always dedicated to providing you with the fastest and most efficient services to you. Contact us today and get your place cleaned and sanitized by our team of professional experts.

Keeping away from harmful microbes has never been easier. But in the present scenario keeping yourself away from these deadly viruses and pathogens is very important, which calls for a need to keep your locality and house sanitized on a regular basis. Earlier people have been directed to work from home but now the time has come to join offices, and this is an alarming phase because in-office employees come to work from different locations. Therefore the need for offices getting sanitized on a regular basis is a must. We even have various deals for the business owners and managers of different offices.

As their sector of working needs to get sanitized on a daily basis, we make the service available to them at a much lower cost.

All these services offered by 247FS make it completely unique from its competitors in Queensland, and this uniqueness has helped in increasing the goodwill of the firm as well.

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