Commercial Cleaning Services

Welcome to 247FS, we are the one-stop solution for all your commercial cleaning requirements in Queensland. We feel pride in continuously lifting the benchmark of cleanliness and hygiene for all of our esteemed customers.

We will provide you professional and highly-skilled commercial cleaners for the best possible outcome. We are committed to achieving 100% client satisfaction by delivering premium quality cleaning services. This kind of commitment has assisted us to evolve our business and make a firm customer relationship based on trust and excellence.

At 247FS, we are offering commercial cleaning services and at the same time protecting the environment. We make use of eco-friendly and organic cleaning solutions and biodegradable materials and containers while providing commercial cleaning services.

We not only offer outstanding commercial cleaning services for our clients but also ensure to provide a healthy work environment for our professional clients.

Why You Require Professional Commercial Cleaning Services?

  1. To Clean the Hidden and Stubborn Dirt from Your Office

Every day you visit your office, but it gets unnoticed that your office is getting dirtier each passing day, and eventually, dust settles down to stubborn dirt. It is not possible to clean each and every nook in your commercial space regularly. This type of dirt often needs a professional commercial cleaning company who can make the workplace clean with their modern equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

  1. Take the Cleaning Load Off and better focus on Your business

Owning a commercial area and running it is not an easy task to do. Running a business needs consistent dedication and make use of time. So, if you take up the burden of cleaning the workplace, you will waste your crucial time and of course energy. It is better to hire professional and highly-trained commercial cleaners to take up the cleaning load off your shoulder so that you just focus on your business.

  1. Build Good Reputation with a Clean & Hygienic Workspace

As we all know “Customer is king” in any type of business. To run a business successfully, ensure that your customers and employees are happy with your services and ambience. Irrespective of what you are providing as a service, you must have a clean and tidy workplace. A clean and fresh workplace is always welcoming.

  1. Enhance Productivity of Your Staff with a Clean Office

Business productivity is of utmost importance to grow your business exponentially. To be productive, your employees should be happy and healthy to deliver services within the timeline. A neat and tidy work area ensures that your employees feel comfortable. By making your commercial area clean, you are removing the risk of bad health. And, that’s why a pro commercial cleaning company in Brisbane comes into the picture.

Our Commercial Cleaning Services

We clean all, from office spaces to a large construction site to medical centers. You name it, we have in our cleaning list. We offer custom commercial cleaning services that match your requirements. We offer a plethora of cleaning services for commercial areas. Some of the commercial cleaning services are listed below:

  • Office Cleaning 
  • Retail Cleaning
  • Medical center Cleaning
  • Supermarket Cleaning
  • Hospitality Cleaning
  • Construction Cleaning
  • Event Cleaning

How 247FS Adds Value to the Commercial Cleaning Services in Queensland?

World-class cleaning equipment:

For cleaning your commercial property, you don’t need to provide us any equipment for cleaning. Our commercial cleaning team will take modern world- class equipment with them to clean your commercial area. This helps in delivering the best result.

Pre & Post Inspection:

Before doing a cleaning job in a given commercial site, we inspect every nook and corner of your workspace and then clean the area by following industry-standard cleaning. This helps in cleaning the commercial site with no stain or dust unnoticed.

Make Use of Eco-friendly Solution:

247FS makes use of non-toxic cleaning solutions that are eco-friendly in nature. For us, both the business and the health of our customers are equally important.

No Involvement Needed at Your End:

Book an online appointment and schedule your cleaning date and time at your convenience. The rest of the work, our team will take care of. You just relax and focus on your business.

Why Choose 247FS for Commercial Cleaning Services?

  • Well-experienced in offering commercial cleaning
  • Our commercial cleaning services have affordable prices
  • Committed to customer satisfaction
  • Make use of eco-friendly cleaning products
  • We deliver Quick turn-around time
  • Our cleaning team is always on time
  • Highly-trained cleaning service professionals
  • 247FS follows industry-standard hygiene protocols
  • No Hidden cost for cleaning service

So, if you are looking for trusted and highly-trained commercial cleaners in the Brisbane area, QLD, call us now at +61420661676 or drop us a mail at